Iris Hedge isn’t exactly on sure footing. She’s left her husband in L.A. and moved to New York for her dream job at one of the world’s most prestigious marketing firms. But after only a few weeks, she’s laid off. Now Iris is in a new city with no job, a divorce on the horizon and only one friend to speak of, a wild-child named Val. When Val’s sister Vickie asks Iris to spy on her possibly cheating husband, Steve, Iris is desperate (and poor) enough to agree. Soon she has a whole new business on her hands — spying on men for the doubting women in their lives. Things get complicated when Steve figures out his coincidental meetings with Iris aren’t coincidental at all, and Iris realizes Steve makes her heart race. A funny, heart-wrenching romantic comedy about starting over and coming to terms with the gray areas of falling in love, It’s About Your Husband marks the sparkling debut of novelist Lauren Lipton.



“Smart, sassy and impossible to put down!” — Meg Cabot, author of The Princess Diaries


“Striking a balance between silly and serious, Iris’s transition from homesick Californian to real New Yorker will resonate with readers everywhere.” — Emily Giffin, Author of Something Borrowed