Yoga Bodies

Real People, Real Stories & the Power of Transformation


Yoga is a gift of many perspectives. Offering a captivating cross-section of today’s thriving yoga community, Yoga Bodies presents more than 80 practitioners of all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and skill levels — real people, with real stories to share about how yoga has touched their lives.


Meet Katie, who feels the comforting presence of her late mother when she is on her mat; Esco, whose time in prison put him on the path to yoga; and Naomi, an Oscar-nominated actress who, by tuning into her body’s changing needs, has allowed her practice to flourish. Meet Jim, whose blindness led him to a new understanding of yogic perfection; and ninety-one-year-old Bunny, who practices yoga to make peace with aging.


Meet a Zen Buddhist priest, a salesman, a cancer survivor, a transgender woman, and a surgeon, each a unique embodiment of yoga’s vibrant spirit. Accompanying their stories are full-color portraits that upend the “yoga body” stereotype and showcase the glorious diversity of the human form.


Proving there are as many different ways to experience yoga as there are people who practice it, Yoga Bodies artfully captures yoga’s multifaceted essence — and the inspiring ways it can bring about personal transformation, on and off the mat.